Environmental principals and standards

  1. Organic garden principles – only approved organic pest and weed treatments.
  2. No burn policy – all garden waste is composted, chipped or re-used.
  3. Minimising machinery pollution using biodegradable oils, eco-friendlier fuels and electric machines where possible.
  4. Encouraging and supporting natural habitat within your garden landscape, where it is non-invasive and works with the aesthetic of the garden.
  5. Low impact lawn, wildflower, grassland and woodland management that meets the practical & aesthetic needs of our clients.
  6. Providing long-term solutions for reclaiming overgrown and ‘tired’ gardens.
  7. Using techniques and materials to minimise weed and watering.
  8. Controlling, reducing and ultimately removing invasive garden species, where appropriate.
  9. Recycling and reusing waste materials and unwanted plants.
  10. Managing our gardening miles and our business carbon footprint is important to us. By supporting local charity Moor Trees in their objectives to improve and create new native woodlands, we are helping to improve resilience in the wider environment.
  11. Permaculture, Forest Gardening and Hoogleculture are often guiding principles and systems we use.